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Find Your Balance - Integrating Mind, Body, & Soul

Find Your Balance - Integrating Mind, Body, & Soul

Are you ready to take back control over your health?  Are you sick & tired of putting bandaids on your health issues?

I work with Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctors across the United States to help ensure our patients are supported to reach their health goals. Specializing in Weight Management, Anxiety, Diabetes, Hormone Imbalances, Autoimmune Disease, & Cancer.

I am here to be your guide & support you along your journey. I have learned that first-hand health is true wealth!

Carrie is an Integrative Health|Wellness Coach and Yogi. A cancer thriver supporting the belief that disease can be prevented and managed through lifestyle changes, nutrition, and plant-based medicine, including CBD & cannabis. Carrie is a speaker, writer, educator, and advocate for the health and the legalization of cannabis..

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