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 I am an Integrative Health Coach and Yogi. I work with Functional Medicine & Integrative Doctors across the United States to help ensure our patients reach their health goals.

It’s been seventeen years since I first heard the words “you have cancer.” I remember how scary & overwhelming that was. I am here to be your guide & support you along your health journey. I have learned that first-hand health is true wealth!

*Specializing in weight management, anxiety, diabetes, autoimmune, hormone imbalances & cancer.

If you like to learn more about how I can help you reach your health goals click the green chat button and let's connect!

Carrie is an Integrative Health|Wellness Coach and Yogi. Carrie is a cancer thriver and supports the belief that disease can be managed through lifestyle changes, nutrition, and natural herbs, including CBD & cannabis. She is a speaker, writer, educator, and advocate for health and the legalization of cannabis in her home state of MO and beyond.

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