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Carrie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, and yogi, providing consultation and resources for all aspects of a healthy, WHOLE lifestyle. Carrie is a cancer thriver of seventeen years and supports the belief that disease can be managed through lifestyle changes, nutrition, PH balance, and natural herbs, including CBD and cannabis. She is a speaker, writer, health coach consultant, educator, and an advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis in her home state of MO and beyond.

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My Story

Carrie Hudson

Whether you’re seeking weight wellness, better health, or perhaps more peace, solitude, and balance in your life I can assist you in achieving your goals with group coaching or one-on one-coaching giving you the tools you need to reach your optimal balance in physical and emotional health.



It’s been seventeen years since I first heard the words “you have cancer.” Some of my darkest moments and fearful uncertainties lead to my greatest moments of clarity, confidence, health, inner peace & creativity! I am here to be your guide & support you along your journey. I have learned first-hand health is true wealth!



I'm always looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and help however I can. Let's connect.


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